Wizard Screens and Reports
for Web Browsers

Wizard screens and reports can now be converted to run as web pages. The conversion process results in a web page which provides all the functions available in the original Wizard data entry screen or report, but allows for additional capabilities nor available within the limitations of thin client terminals.

Wizard screens are still developed in the traditional manner. This means that any existing software already developed in Wizard can be adapted to produce a browser based interface.

When run in a thin client terminal emulator, Wizard data entry screens provide experienced data-entry operators with powerful tools and the ability to access, update, and enter data with great ease, speed, and efficiency. Data entry screens created using Wizard provide sophisticated character based tools making screens easy to use for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Once a screen has been created, Wizard allows it to be converted to operate from a standard web browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, or Apple's Safari — including most mobile browsers on Android and iOS devices. Browser versions of Wizard screens can be extended to incorporate drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, and other extensible options such as calendar drop-downs for date selection.

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