the history of wizard

Wizard has its roots in the very beginnings of the multivalue database model.

The Pre-History of Wizard

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The practical implementation of the multivalue database model was principally initiated in the late 1960s and early 1970s by Dick Pick. When the earliest Pick operating system was written, it lacked any procedural programming language. The task of filling this gap was given to Ken Simms, one of Pick's first employees. He came through and his legacy lies in the continued centrality of the BASIC language in all of the various implementations of Pick database model today.

The Development of Wizard

Ken Simms

In 1972, an article by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles was published about a new compiler concept. The article was a discussion of the formal grammar necessary for developing a meta compiler using the Bacchus Naur Form. The meta compiler was a compiler of a compiler, a self-referential system. Ken Simms was fascinated by the concepts presented and this self-generating environment became the driving concept which prompted Ken to write Wizard, one of the first third-generation language program development tools on any platform and the first available for Pick style databases.

The Evolution of Wizard

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Ken Simms died on November 7, 1988, at only 39 years of age. Pick Products took on the continued development, support, and distribution of Wizard. Since its inception Wizard has been ported to all major multivalue database environments including R83, Advanced Pick, D3, UniVerse, Unidata, mv•Enterprise, mv•Base, OpenQM, and more. Wizard has also grown in its capabilities and now helps bridge the gap from multivalue database to the web.

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Wizard Today

Today Wizard continues to provide a versatile, powerful, and fast application development environment for multivalue databases. As technology has changed, so too has Wizard. Wizard now includes the ability to develop applications as dynamic, interactive web pages providing an intuitive and modern interface without sacrificing the inherent power of the traditional terminal based application. Wizard now offers the ability to leverage the power and versatility of the multivalue database model directly from the web. For more information check the Browser page or contact us for a demo!

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